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Selected Publications


Bendikov-Bar I, Malitsky S, Itkin M, Ruzal M, and Sagi D. Metabolomic Changes are Predictive of Aging in Laying Hens (2021). The Journals of Gerontology: Series A. 76 (10): 1757–1768 

Saibaba G, Rusal M, Shinder D, Yosefi S, Druyan S, Arazi A,  Froy O, Sagi D, Friedman-Einat M. Time-Restricted Feeding in Commercial Layer Chickens Improves Egg Quality in Old Age and Points to Lack of Adipostat Activity in Chickens (2021).Frontiers in Physiology

Sagi D, Rak R, Gingold H, Adir I, Maayan G, Dahan O, Pilpel Y, Rechavi O (2016). Tissue- and time-specific expression of otherwise identical tRNA genes. Plos Genetics 12(8):e1006264

Sagi, D The addition of a developmental factor, unc-62, to already long-lived worms increases lifespan and healthspan (2017).  Biology Open 6:1796-1801

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