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Selected Publications

Guy Levkovich · Inna Bendikov‑Bar ·Sergey Malitsky · Maxim Itkin · Mark Rusal ·Dmitri Lokshtanov · Dmitry Shinder · Dror Sagi

Reduction in metabolic noise reveals rejuvenation following transient severe caloric restriction (2023)
GeroScience, in press

Guy Levkovich, Dana Almagor, Ganesan Saibaba, Inna Bendikov-Bar, Mark Rusal, Dmitri Lokshtanov, Dmitri Shinder, and Dror Sagi

A decline in avian cytokine expression with age revealed by commercially available cytokine array (2023). Frontiers in Physiology 14, 1171782

Bendikov-Bar I, Malitsky S, Itkin M, Ruzal M, and Sagi D. Metabolomic Changes are Predictive of Aging in Laying Hens (2021). The Journals of Gerontology: Series A. 76 (10): 1757–1768 

Sagi D, Rak R, Gingold H, Adir I, Maayan G, Dahan O, Pilpel Y, Rechavi O (2016). Tissue- and time-specific expression of otherwise identical tRNA genes. Plos Genetics 12(8):e1006264

Sagi, D The addition of a developmental factor, unc-62, to already long-lived worms increases lifespan and healthspan (2017).  Biology Open 6:1796-1801

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